Zapraszamy wszystkich na kolejne spotkanie Poznań JUG, które odbędzie się we wtorek (16.12.2014) o godzinie 18:00 w siedzibie firmy Cognifide (ul. Murawa 12-18). Będziemy mieli okazję wysłuchać prezentacji Marcin Erdmanna, który przedstawi prezentację Running an Open Source Project! Osoby które chcą uczestniczyć w spotkaniu powinny zarejestrować się tutaj.

Krótkie streszczenia nadesłane przez Marcina:

In this talk Marcin aims to share the experience gathered of running an open source project as the lead of Geb and committer to Ratpack. If you are a contributor, even an occasional one or if you are thinking about starting a new open source effort, you will find this talk insightful and interesting. Hopefully it will also bring forth ideas for improvements to any projects your are an active member of.

Marcin will talk about what’s important, apart from code and features, but might not be obvious initially as well as how to get people using what you have created and how to deal with the community around it when it finally emerges.

You’ll learn how he keeps himself motivated to work on open source projects. Finally he will mention a variety of free tools available to an open source project, which can be used to effectively run it and maintain high quality.

Marcin Erdmann – currently based in London and part of the Gradleware crew, loves Open Source Software and has a strong need to give back to the community whenever possible. That’s why he’s proud to be the current project lead of Geb, a Groovy Browser automation library. In the past he contributed to many open source projects in the Groovy ecosystem and he enjoys going to conferences both as an attendee and a speaker. That’s where you will find him with a pint of good beer in hand engaged in lengthy discussions on how to make software development process and quality better.




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